Little Free Library, South Sacramento

Little Free Library, South Sacramento

I am a woman and a gamer.

I am a woman and a gamer.

I have always kept my Facebook friends list small. There are dozens of places on the internet where I’m comfortable interacting with new people and ideas, but for me, Facebook has been the place I reserve for quieter, less troubling conversation.

There are exceptions, sure. I have friends and relatives who have differing opinions, and I either scroll by or interact with respect. I’m not usually…

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Becoming your own social media nightmare

Becoming your own social media nightmare

I have been distracted from blogging  for several months, but now I’m back with a haunting realization: today I became my own social media nightmare: I am that repeat commenter who does not like your product, yet continues to frequent your Facebook page.

 As someone who has run multiple social media accounts for multiple businesses for multiple years, I’ve seen plenty of these people: They…

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Throwback Thursday:  One year ago, daveshumka made this absolutely delightful supercut of Dave asking the age-old question, “are those your drums?”  

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So gratifying. I refer to many conversations as “making appropriate mouth-sounds.”


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Last week I did the Mancow morning radio show in Chicago.

It did not go well.

As a comic, I’ve done a lot of morning radio. It’s the main press for most Midwest clubs. Never have I had an experience like the one I just had.

Everybody is familiar with the Morning Zoo stereotype – the sound…

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